About Our Eatery






"In this plate of food, I see the entire universe supporting my existence."
- A Zen blessing at mealtime

We embrace the responsibility of having respect for what we eat, where it comes from and who toiled to get it to us. It is our desire to provide you a meal that contributes to your health as well as our eco-system by sourcing proper ingredients.

Mood 'Wiches is Convenient

"Fresh", "Natural", and "Organic" are common labels you hear. Mood 'Wiches is not a trend; it is about real food. We provide convenient options for balanced meals that truly are nutritious, energizing and also good for the environment.

We do the work, you just eat.

Mood 'Wiches is Clean Eating

We offer clean food: free of processed meats, refined products, artificial flavors and colors, additives, fillers and anything that is not good for your body. We serve seasonal ingredients and free range/humanely raised meats.

We serve real "food" and not real "food products".

Mood 'Wiches is What's Best for the Planet

What's good for the planet means it's also good for our bodies. Meat and produce from these farms is more nutrient dense due to the farming practices.

Eat with us and heal the planet.

Nutritional Values

Mood 'Wiches collaborated with nutritionists to develop great tasting meals with ingredients that promote well-being and good mood. Convenient food that puts you in a better mood because your body will feel better.

Eat with us and feel good.